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Great News! Coffee kiosk #matteroftasteKPL coming soon @kitchLibrary, @dtkitchener, #kwawesome.
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Happy September! Coffee on today: Nicaragua, SouthPacific, French Mocha, ChocRasp & IrishCream@dtkitchener, #kwawesome.
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Come on in we open #labourday #monday from 10am-5pm
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Recently in, coffee from Tanzania. It's #rainforestalliance certified & #directtrade. It's on brew today #kwawesome in @dtkitchener.
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This just in #mypressi, a portable espresso maker. Will be part of the espresso wkshp this afternoon in #dtkitchener, #kwawesome.
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Coffee Tasting workshop this Sunday at 12:30pm.We still have 2 spots left.
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