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Lots of activities this wknd @dtkitchener, with #niteshift14 @nightshiftwr, halloween party @walperhotel.We will be open really late Sat. Nov. 01 to keep you going.
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we are looking for some #part-time #job for the afternoon and weekend.If you are interested, pls complete the online application and send it in
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Our @kitchlibrary #Kiosk open today 9:30am-2pm, come say #hello
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Good Morning. It's a beautiful Sunday in @dtkitchener. Our coffee for today: Brazilian, Sumatra, Guatemala, Cin.Hazlnut,Maple Cream
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Great News! Coffee kiosk #matteroftasteKPL coming soon @kitchLibrary, @dtkitchener, #kwawesome.

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Today's coffee brew: Tanzania Ngoro Ngoro (NEW), SOHO Blend, Continental Dark, Vanilla Hazelnut, Snicker Doodle
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